Posted by: Marjolein Vegers | 23/04/2011

Erg Chebbi ~ Merzouga

The sanddunes of Erg Chebbi are one of the highlights of southern Morocco and with good reason. Especially in the evening, when the sun is setting, the dunes change colors every hour. Which make them a photographer’s dream! 😉 The centre of Merzouga can be quit busy with a lot of people trying to sell you a tour. If you want to explore the dunes on your own, follow the asphalt road towards the direction of Taouz. On your left there are still some hotels. You can park your car after the last one and walk into the dunes directly. Try to go there between 16.00 and 19.00, then the heat is subsiding and the landscape amazing.

Merzouga sanddunes

Traces in the sand

They made it!

They made it!

Erg Chebbi in the evening


Sunset in Merzouga


A lonely dromedary...

A lonely dromedary

Walking through the desert ;-)

Walking through the desert 😉


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