Posted by: Marjolein Vegers | 16/01/2011

Het Eilandje ~ Antwerp

‘Het Eilandje’ (translated: ‘the little island’) is located in the northern part of Antwerp. This is the place where the harbour was located in the former centuries. Many buildings are still there to see. For instance the buildings of the ‘Red Star Line’ of which the boats brought many immigrants to the united states. Also worth to see are the ‘Montevideo warehouses’ and the abandoned cranes on the quay. When I visited it in 2009, it was a place of times gone by, which created an intriguing atmosphere. The upcoming years this area will be transformed in a modern area for living, enjoying culture and recreation. And the old buildings will be spared and renovated.
So in the future it will be a great place to spend an afternoon or more. But if you like an atmosphere of days gone by and a little decay, you should try to visit this area earlier!


The girl from the harbour



Cranes from the past

Cranes from the past


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