Posted by: Marjolein Vegers | 23/12/2010

Antwerp Central Station

Antwerp is filled with beautiful architecture. For a lot of people the visit to Antwerp starts at Antwerp Central Station. So did mine. 😉 The parts where the trains arrive was recently renovated. It has a modern outlook, with several floors with platforms for the trains. When walking to the front part of the train station, you’ll enter the old part of the building. Especially the clock with its many details is interesting. If you want to enjoy more of the old building, while drinking some coffee, then go to the far left corner. There you’ll find a small cafe-restaurant with a beautiful interior.
It is always difficult to preserve the old buildings and combine them with modern parts when needed, like a train station. I think they succeeded quite well in Antwerp.

Antwerp Central Station

View from the new parts onto the historic building

Antwerp Central Station

The more modern details



Look up!

Look up!

Look up! #2

More details of the old building

The big entrance...

The big entrance...

More on Wikipedia.


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