Posted by: Marjolein Vegers | 14/11/2010

Provincetown, MA ~ USA

When travelling to Cape Cod, Provincetown is a well known and fun place to stay. There are plenty of places to stay, eat and relax. But Provincetown also offers something for the more ‘active’ people. 😉 Like walking the breakwater to see the lighthouses up close and discovering a wide, quiet beach at the other side.

The breakwater starts at the roundabout, at the end of Province Lands Road. You can park your car here and start walking. The route can be tricky when the weather is bad, especially when there is a lot of wind. Make sure you’re wearing good walking shoes. But other than that, just enjoy the views you’ll encounter on your way to Wood End Lighthouse. Take a moment to enjoy the seabirds too.

Wood End Lighthouse

Seagull struggling with its food.

Common Eider.

View from the breakwater.

Remnants of an ancient creature: horseshoe crab.

Wood End Lighthouse.

Cormorant on its way.

Pictures were taken in October 2009.


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